19 Years of age. Freshman at EOU. Tattoo lover. God's daughter. Artist/photographer. Writing author. Broken hearted. Life changer.
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How do you think you know when u are in love


When you want to go to bed early so you can wake up the next day just to talk to him or see him. When he wears those cute shirts that just make you weak in the knees. When you catch him out of the corner of your eyes just staring at you it gives you a stomach full of butterflies. When something funny, sad, scary, or amazing happens and all you can think of is sharing the story with him. When it literally makes you sick to your stomach being in a world without him. Or when it makes you so angry you want to hit someone thinking about another girl touching him. I mean it’s all the little things that show you’re in love with him but it just comes down to you just know when you’re in love.